I. A Mythical Youth

A Mythical Youth, son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope, who was remarkable for his beauty, but wholly inaccessible to love. The nymph Echo died of grief because he would not reciprocate her affection. One of his rejected admirers begged Nemesis to punish him, and the goddess caused him to fall in love with the reflection of his own figure in a spring. Under the influence of this passion he pined away, and after death was changed into the flower which bears his name.

II. A Freedman And Secretary Of The Roman Emperor Claudius

A Freedman And Secretary Of The Roman Emperor Claudius, who was completely subject to his influence. For some time he used his power in subservience to the wishes of the empress Messalina; but when he found that she meditated his destruction, he determined to anticipate her, and, revealing to Claudius her marriage with Caius Silius, convinced him that his own safety required her immediate sacrifice. The emperor consented to her imprisonment, but as he manifested reluctance to have her put to death, Narcissus sent a tribune to despatch her. Agrippina, whose intrigues in favor of her son Nero Narcissus had thwarted, had him removed to Campania, where he was murdered by her orders, A. I). 54. He is said to have amassed a fortune of 400.000.000 sesterces, equivalent to $13,500,-000.

III. A Roman Athlete

A Roman Athlete, with whom the emperor Commodus was in the habit of contending in the arena, and who was afterward employed by Marcia to strangle his patron. For this crime Septimius Severus, on his accession (A. D. 193), had him given to the lions.