Nemesius- Bishop Of Emesa, a Greek philosopher who flourished about 400. He has been identified by some writers with another Nemcsius, a friend of Gregory Nazianzen, and governor of Cappadocia. Nemesius wrote a complete treatise on anthropology (II e pi voes 'Avopwov ), in which the Neo-Platonic philosophy predominates. He maintains the preėx-istence of souls and the freedom of the will, affirms that this world is not to be destroyed, and denies the existence of a world-soul and the transmigration of spirits. Passages of this work are considered by some modern writers to indicate a knowledge of the circulation of the blood and the functions of the liver. It was first attributed to Gregory Nazianzen, and a Latin translation of it was published under his name by Burgundius Pisanus (fob, Stras-burg, 1512), and a second Latin translation by Giorgio Valla (Lyons, 1538). The Greek text, with the true authorship, was published separately by Nicasius Ellebodius (Antwerp, 1565), by Matthaus (Halle, 1802), and in vol. xl. of Migne's Patrologie grecque.

There are translations into English by George Wither (London, 1630), into German by Osterham-mer (Salzburg, 1819), and into French by J. B. Thibault (Paris, 1844).