I. Samnel

Samnel, an American missionary, born in Durham, Me., July 24, 1784, died in Bombay, India, March 30,1821. He graduated at Harvard college in 1807, studied theology at Andover, was ordained at Salem, Feb. 5, 1812, and sailed in company with Judson for Calcutta. On his arrival the Bengal government ordered him to leave the country, whereupon he sailed for the Isle of France, thence to Ceylon, and finally in 1817 joined the Rev. Gordon Hall at Bombay. He was one of the signers of the paper which led to the formation of the American board of commissioners for foreign missions. In conjunction with Mr. Hall he wrote " The Conversion of the World, or the Claims of Six Hundred Millions" (Andover, 1818).

II. Harriet Atwood

Harriet Atwood, wife of the preceding, one of the first female missionaries from the United States, born in Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 10, 1793, died in the Isle of France, Nov. 30,1812. She was married to Mr. Newell in February, 1812, and accompanied him to India. Her memoirs by her husband, with her letters, and a funeral sermon by Dr. Leonard Woods, have passed through many editions, and have been translated into several languages.