Nicholas Murray, an American clergvman, born in Ireland, Dec. 25, 1803, died in Eliza-bethtown, X.J.. Feb. 4,1861. In 1818 he came to America, and became an apprentice in the printing establishment of Harper and brothers. He was brought up a Roman Catholic, but became a Protestant, graduated at Williams college in 1826, studied theology at Princeton, and in 1829 became pastor of a Presbyterian church in Wilkesbarre, Pa. From 1834 till his death he was pastor of the first Presbyterian church at Elizabethtown, X. J. In 1849 he was elected moderator of the Presbyterian general assembly. He published "Notes, Historical and Biographical, concerning Elizabeth-town. N. J." (Elizabethtown, 1844); "Letters to the Right Rev. John Hughes. Roman Catholic Bishop of New York" under the signature of "Kirwan" (New York, 1848; enlarged ed., 1855); "Romanism at Home" (1852); "Men and Things as I saw them in Europe" (1853); "Parish and other Pencillings" (1854); "The Happy Home" (1859); and "Preachers and Preaching" (1860). "A Dying Legacy," a posthumous volume, was printed in 1861.