Nicolo Tommaseo, an Italian author, born in Sebenico, Dalmatia, about 1803, died in Florence, May 1, 1874. He resided several years in Florence, wrote for the patriotic Antologia, went as an exile to France in 1833, and in 1838 settled in Venice. He was arrested with Manin in January, 1848, but they were rescued in March by the people, and in August Tommaseo became minister of religion and education in the revolutionary government, and vainly attempted to procure French intervention in favor of the republic. After the restoration of Austrian rule in August, 1849, he was banished from Venice, resided in Corfu and Turin, and in 1865 finally returned to Florence. His works include Nuovo dizionario dei sinonimi della lingua italiana (Florence, 1832; 5th ed., 2 vols., Milan, 1867); Canti populari (2 vols., Venice, 1843); Studi critici (2 vols., 1843); Lettere di Pasquale de' Paoli, with Paoli's biography and a history of the war for Corsican independence (Florence, 1846); Nuovi studi su Dan te (Turin, 1865); and Poesie (1872).