Nipissing, a judicial district in the N. part of (Ontario, Canada, lying along the W. bank of the Ottawa river; area, 14,650 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 1,791. It contains Nipissing and various other lakes, and is watered by numerous streams.

Nipissings #1

Nipissings, one of the Algonquin tribes of Canada, who came down with the Hurons to trade soon after the first French settlers arrived. They were then on Lake Nipissing and quite numerous; they were industrious, raising a little corn, catching and drying fish, and trading it with northern tribes for furs, becoming rich and comfortable. They were called sorcerers by the French from the number and influence of the medicine men. Europeans introduced diseases which thinned their numbers, and the Iroquois after destroying the Hurons compelled the Nipissings to take flight. They retired to Lake Alimipegon, which empties into Lake Superior from the north. Missions had been begun among them by Pijart, Menard, and Garreau at Lake Nipissing, and were revived by Allouez after their removal. As peace was restored they moved east, and most of the survivors finally joined the Iroquois and Algonquin mission formed by the Sulpi-cians at the lake of the Two Mountains, where a remnant still reside, the three tribes at the mission numbering515 in 1873. The Nipissings had a feast of the dead, with curious rites, differing somewhat from that of the Hurons.