Olympia Fnlvia Morata, a learned Italian woman, daughter of the poet Fulvius Peregri-nus Moratus, born in Ferrara in 1526, died in Heidelberg, Oct. 26, 1555. She received a careful and extended classical education, and early in life (according to some authorities in her 16th year) lectured in Ferrara on subjects of classical learning. She married a German physician, Andreas Grunthler, and lived at Schwein-furt, where she became an early convert to Protestantism. In 1553, when the city was captured by Margrave Albrecht of Brandenburg, her library was plundered, and she was compelled to flee to Hammelburg. Soon afterward her husband was appointed professor at Heidelberg, and she removed with him to that city. Her works consist of Greek and Latin poems, published in Basel in 1558, and in frequent subsequent editions. Biographies of her were written by Nolten (Frankfort, 1731 and 1775), Kartzschke (Zittan, 1808), and Bonnet (Paris, 1850). The last has been translated into German by Merschmann (Hamburg, 1860).