I. A N. W. Province Of Spain

A N. W. Province Of Spain, in Galicia, bordering on Pontevedra, Lugo, Leon, and Portugal; area, 2,739 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 402,796. It is traversed by the Can-tabrian mountains and watered by the Minho, Sil, Tamega, and Limia. Tin, iron, and copper are found; there are numerous medicinal springs; and wheat, flax, and large quantities of maize are raised. It is one of the poorest provinces in the kingdom.

II. A City

A City, capital of the province, on the left bank of the Minho, 50 m. S. E. of Santiago; pop. about 11,000. It has a cathedral which dates from the 13th century, a theatre, a prison, and several chapels and convents. The " three marvels " of Orense are its boiling springs, the miraculous image, el Santo Cristo, brought in 1330 from Cape Finisterre, and the bridge over the Minho, about 1,400 ft. long and 145 ft. high, built in 1230. Linen, leather, and chocolate are manufactured, and its hams are celebrated.