Orion, a Greek mythical hero, son of Hy-rieus, of Hyria in Beeotia, called by the Boeotians Candaon. He was a giant, strong and handsome, and, coming once to Chios, fell in love with Aero or Merope, the daughter of Oenopion. To please her, he cleared the island of wild beasts; but Oenopion constantly put off the marriage, and Orion, being intoxicated on one occasion, forced his way into Merope's chamber. To avenge this insult, the father with the aid of Bacchus and the satyrs put out Orion's eyes. Having recovered his sight by going toward the east and exposing his eyeballs to the rising sun, he returned to Chios for the purpose of punishing Oenopion; but being unable to discover him, he went into Crete, where he lived as a hunter with Diana. Four accounts of his death are given: that he was killed by Diana for attempting to violate her; that Apollo, indignant at Diana's love for him, challenged her to hit with an arrow a distant point in the sea, which proved to be the head of Orion swimming; that, he having been carried off by Aurora, Diana, to please the indignant gods, put him to death; and that, having boasted he would clear the earth of wild beasts, the earth sent forth a scorpion which killed him.

After his death he was placed among the stars, where he appears with a girdle, sword, lion's skin, and club, the brightest constellation in the northern heavens.