I. Sir William

Sir William, an English orientalist, born in Monmouthshire in 1771, died in 1842. In 1788 he became cornet of dragoons, but left the army in 1794, and went to the university of Leyden, where he studied the oriental languages. In 1795 he published his " Persian Miscellanies." Afterward he went to London, and accompanied as private secretary his brother, Sir Gore Ouseley, the ambassador to the Persian court. Among his works are: "Oriental Collections" (3 vols. 4to, 1797); "Observations on some Medals and Gems, bearing Inscriptions in the Pahlavi or Ancient Persian Character" (1801); "An Abstract of the Persian Translation of the Geography written in Arabic by Ibn Haukal" (1800); and "Anecdotes from Oriental Bibliography" (1827). An account of his travels in Persia was published in 1819-22 (3 vols. 4to).

II. Sir William Gore

Sir William Gore, eldest son of the preceding, born July 26, 1797, died March 6, 1866. He was connected with the British legation in Stockholm in 1817 and in Washington in 1825, when he married a daughter of Governor C. P. Van Ness of Vermont. Subsequently he represented England in various capitals of South America, and was also employed on a special mission to Central America, lie published "Remarks on the Statistics and Political Institutions of the United States" (1832), and " Views of South America" (1852).