I. Surnamed Sophista Or Iatro-Sophista

Surnamed Sophista Or Iatro-Sophista, a Greek medical writer, of whose life nothing is known except that he must have flourished between the 2d and 9th centuries. He wrote commentaries on the works of Hippocrates " On Fractures " and " On Epidemics," and a treatise " On Fevers," all of which are extant.

II. Rutilins Taurus Aemilianns

Rutilins Taurus Aemilianns, a Roman writer on agriculture, who lived about the middle of the 4th century A. D. His treatise De Re Rustica, in 14 books, was very popular in the middle ages. There is an English translation by Thomas Owen (London, 1803).

III. An Early Christian Father

An Early Christian Father, born probably in Galatia about 367. At the age of 20 he set out on foot to visit the solitaries of Upper Egypt, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, and Italy. In 400 he was appointed bishop of Helenopolis in Bithynia, whence he was translated about 20 years afterward to the See of Aspona in Galatia. He was an adherent of Origen. He wrote a collection of biographical notices and anecdotes, generally known as "the Lausiac history," from being addressed to Lausus, a chamberlain at the imperial court. It was imperfectly edited by Meursius (Ley-den, 1616). A better edition is contained in the Auctarium of Fronto Ducaaus, vol. ii. (Paris, 1624).