Pedro The Cruel, king of Castile and Leon, born in Burgos, Aug. 30, 1334, killed March 14,1369. He succeeded his father Alfonso XI. in 1350, and in 1353 married Blanche de Bourbon, sister of the king of France, but in three days deserted her, and devoted himself to his mistress Dofia Maria Padilla, whose relatives he raised to the highest offices. Equally licentious and cruel, he put to death, among many other victims, two of his natural brothers, and poisoned his queen. Finally an insurrection was raised against him under the lead of Henry of Trastamare, his natural brother and rival. At the same time the pope excommunicated the king and laid his kingdom under an interdict. Henry was defeated and driven to France, but in 1365 revived his claim to the throne, in which he was supported by the pope and Charles Y. of France. Pedro sought refuge in Bayonne and obtained the assistance of Edward the Black Prince, who placed him again on the throne; but Edward having deserted him in disgust, Pedro was defeated in the battle of Montiel and slain by the hand of his rival, who succeeded him as Henry II.