I. A N. E. County Of West Virginia

A N. E. County Of West Virginia, bordering on Virginia, enclosed between two ranges of the Alleghanies, and intersected by the3 S. branch of the Potomac and two of its tributaries; area, about 800 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 6,455, of whom 94 were colored. Its surface is mountainous and covered with forests, and the soil not very fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 37,984 bushels of wheat, 10,594 of rye, 59,228 of Indian corn, 14,538 of oats, 56,876 lbs. of butter, 26,273 of wool, and 5,079 tons of hay. There were 1,767 horses, 2,270 milch cows, 5,155 other cattle, 9,943 sheep, and 4,246 swine. Capital, Franklin.

II. A N. County Of Kentucky

A N. County Of Kentucky, bordered N. E. by the Ohio, and intersected by the Licking; area, 300 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 14,030, of whom 641 were colored. It has an undulating and well wooded surface and fertile soil. It is intersected by the Kentucky Central railroad. The chief productions in 1870 were 37,203 bushels of wheat, 19,355 of rye, 578,938 of Indian corn, 46,560 of oats, 29,453 of.potatoes, 161,343 lbs. of butter, 24,948 of wool, and 1,651,593 of tobacco. There were 4,269 horses, 2,774 milch cows, 3,665 other cattle, 7,307 sheep, and 18,752 swine. Capital, Falmouth.