I. A Central Government Of European Russia

A Central Government Of European Russia, bordering on the governments of Mzhegorod, Simbirsk, Saratov, and Tambov; area, 15,035 sq. m.; pop. in 1867,1,197,-393. The surface is level. There are six small lakes and several streams; but the only important rivers are the Sura and the Moksha, both tributaries of the Volga. Valuable iron mines are worked near Troitzk, millstones are extensively quarried, and large quantities of sulphur are found. More than half the surface is arable or meadow land, and there are extensive forests. Bee culture is one of the most important industries. There are iron works, glass, works, tanneries, and numerous distilleries.

II. A City

A City, capital of the government, at the junction of the rivers Penza and Sura, 340 m. S. E. of Moscow; pop. about 28,000. It stands on an eminence, and is built principally of wood. Wool, linen, leather, soap, and silk are manufactured. An annual fair is held, which lasts from June 25 to July 4.