Petrus Canisius, a Dutch Jesuit, born at Nimeguen, May 8, 1521, died at Fribourg in Switzerland, Dec. 21, 1597. He Latinized his original name of De Hondt (the dog). He took a prominent part in the council of Trent in 1545, was selected by the emperor Ferdinand I. for his preacher, and was the first to hold the office of provincial or ecclesiastical governor of the Jesuits in Germany. He contributed powerfully in spreading the influence of the order in that country, and established Jesuit colleges at Prague in Bohemia, at Fribourg in Switzerland, and at Augsburg and Dillingen in Bavaria. He was the author of a larger and a smaller catechism. The best edition of the former is that of Antwerp of 1587, and the most recent edition that of Landshut of 1842. The smaller catechism (Institutiones Christiana Pietatis, sive Parvus Catechismus Catho-licorum) has passed through more than 100 editions since its publication in 1566, and has been translated into most modern languages.