I. A S. Central County Of Nebraska

A S. Central County Of Nebraska, bounded N. by the Platte river; area, about 550 sq. m. It has been recently formed, and is not included in the census of 1870.

II. A S. E. County Of Missouri

A S. E. County Of Missouri, drained by the Gasconade and Maramec rivers; area, about 600 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 10,506, of whom 294 were colored. The surface is undulating and the soil fertile. There are many low valleys between steep and broken slopes. It is traversed by the Atlantic and Pacific railroad. The chief productions in 1870 were 70,187 bushels of wheat, 239,504 of Indian corn, 62,-510 of oats, 23,121 of potatoes, 82,548 lbs. of tobacco, and 2,816 tons of hay. There were 2,219 horses, 2,291 milch cows, 5,351 other cattle, 8,913 sheep, and 15,051 swine; 2 manufactories of carriages and wagons, 3 of iron, 1 of woollens, 5 flour mills, and 2 saw mills. Capital, Rolla.

Phelps #1

I. Austin, An American Clergyman

An American Clergyman Austin, born in West Brookfield, Mass., Jan. 7, 1820. He graduated at the university of Pennsylvania in 1837, and in 1842 was ordained pastor of the Pine street Congregational church in Boston. Since 1848 he has been professor of sacred rhetoric in the Andover theological seminary. He has published " The Still Hour " (16mo, 1859), "The New Birth "(12mo, 1866), and "The Solitude of Christ " (12mo, 1868), and contributed a critical treatise on the history of hymnology to " Hymns and Choirs " (12mo, Andover, 1860).

II. Elizabeth Stnart

Elizabeth Stnart, an American authoress, wife of the preceding, born in Andover, Mass., Aug. 13, 1815, died in Boston, Nov. 30, 1852. She was the daughter of Prof. Moses Stuart of Andover, and was married to Mr. Phelps in 1842. She published many Sunday school books anonymously, or under the pseudonyme of "H. Trusta," an anagram on her name. " The Sunny Side " (18mo, Andover), published in 1851, after being rejected by several publishers, reached a sale of more than 100,000 copies, and was republished in Edinburgh. It illustrated the experiences of a country minister, and was followed by "A Peep at Number Five" (1851), describing a city pastor's life, which was also very popular. She also published the " Kitty Brown" series (4 vols. 18mo, Philadelphia, 1850), and " The Angel over the Right Shoulder " (Andover, 1851). After her death appeared "The Telltale" (1852), "Little Mary" (Boston, 1853), and " The Last Leaf from Sunny Side, with a Memorial of the Author by Rev. Austin Phelps" (1853).

III. Elizabeth Stuart

Elizabeth Stuart, an American authoress, daughter of the preceding, born in Andover, Mass., Aug. 31, 1844. She has published "Ellen's Idol" (18mo, Boston, 1864); " Up Hill" (1865); the " Tiny " series (4 vols. 18mo, 1866-'9); "Mercy Glidden's Work "(1866); the "Gypsy" series (4 vols., 1866-'9); " I Don't Know How " (1867); " The Gates Ajar " (1868), a book on death and bereavement, which reached a 20th edition within a year; " Men, Women, and Ghosts " (1869); " Hedged In " (1870), intended to exhibit the ideal of Christian treatment of fallen women; "The Silent Partner" (1870); and "Poetic Studies " (1875).