Abipones, a tribe of South American Indians who inhabited the district of Chaco in Paraguay, but now occupy the territory lying between Santa Fe and St. Jago, east of the Parana river. Our accounts of this singular people are mainly derived from Dobrizholi'er, who lived among them seven years at the end of the last centu-ry. His volumes were translated from the Latin by Miss Coleridge (3 vols. 8vo, 1822). The whole tribe at that time did not number above 5,000. They practise tattooing. The men are of tall stature, good swimmers, and expert horsemen. The women practise infanticide to a great extent, but suckle those infants they permit to live for the space of two years. In counting they can go no further than three. See A. d'Orbigny, L'Homme Americain, vol. ii.