Aboukir, an Egyptian port about 12 m. N. E. of Alexandria. In the bay of Aboukir was fought, Aug. 1, 1798, the famous battle of the Nile or of Aboukir, between the French fleet sent out from Toulon under Brueys with Bonaparte and an army on board, and the English fleet sent in pursuit under Admiral Nelson. Though the French fought desperately, the engagement, which was begun at dusk, ended at daybreak in a great victory for the English. Only four French vessels escaped; the French lost more than 5,000 men; the English killed and wounded were but 895. Nelson was slightly, Brueys mortally wounded. The story of the battle is filled with examples of individual bravery on both sides. - At Abou-kir, on July 23, 1799, Bonaparte, with a com-paratively small force, almost annihilated the Turkish army under Mustapha Pasha,