Alighur, Or Allygurh. I. A district of British India, in the Meerut division of the Northwestern Provinces, between lat. 27° 27' and 28° 11' N., and lon. 77° 32' and 78° 47' E.; area, 2,149 sq. m.; pop. about 1,200,000. With the exception of a ridge near the middle of the district, the surface is almost level. The crops are wheat, barley, millet, pulse, indigo, cotton, tobacco, and sugar. At the beginning of this century Alighur was the seat of power of the French adventurer Perron.

II. A fort in the preceding district, 55 m. N. of Agra, on the road to Meerut. It was held by Perron with a force of Mahrattas in 1803, and was stormed by the British Sept. 4, about 2,000 of the garrison falling in the assault, A regiment of sepoys mutinied here in May, 1857, and held the place till October, the English escaping without loss of life.