Alpes-Maritimes, a S. E. department of France, formed from the circle of Nice, ceded to France by Italy in 1860, and the arrondisse-inent of Grasse, taken from the department of Var; area 1,482 sq. m.; pop. in 1872, 199,037. It lies between the Mediterranean and the mountains from which it takes its name, and is watered by the Var and several smaller streams. The surface is mountainous and crossed by numerous valleys. The climate is the finest in France. The country near the coast is well cultivated, and elsewhere there are valuable forests and various mineral productions. The department is divided into the arrondissements of Nice, Grasse, and Puget-Theniers. The coast is dotted with places naturally or historically interesting, such as Nice, the capital, Cannes, Antibes, and Mentone.