Alten-Oetting, Or Alt-Getting (The Aulinga Villa Of The Middle Ages), a small town in one of the most beautiful and fertile valleys of Upper Bavaria, 50 m. E. N. E. of Munich, and 2 m. S. of Neu-Oetting on the Inn; pop. about 2,500. It is annually frequented, on account of its famed picture of the Virgin, by many thousand pilgrims from Austria, Bavaria, and Swabia, The Jesuits had a college here, which was suppressed in 1773. In its place the Redemptorists founded a college in 1841, which is the principal house of the order in Germany. Alten-Oetting was in the 9th century long the residence of Carloman, the eldest son of Louis the German. Several German emperors, among whom are Henry III. and Henry IV., held their court here. Tilly is here buried with other members of his family, and the chapel which contains his tomb bears his name. Since Maximilian I. many princes and princesses of the Bavarian house have been entombed here.