Amadis Of Gaul, the mythical hero of one of the early romances of chivalry, written by Vasco de Lobeira, a gentleman of the Portuguese court, who died in 1403. The Portuguese original is lost, and the earliest known version is the Spanish one of Montalvo, made between 1492 and 1504. It has been translated into various languages, and extended to five times its original length, and was the most popular as it is the best of all the fictions of its class. Amadis, the pattern of a perfect knight, is supposed to have flourished soon after the beginning of the Christian era, and to have gone through a variety of adventures in England, France, Germany, Turkey, and more or less imaginary countries. He is the son of an imaginary king of Gaul (perhaps Wales), and crowns his adventures by marrying Oriana, daughter of Lisuarte, king of England.