Amasis, Or AmosisE.g. Ahames or Alimes, the new moon, or engendered by the moon), the name of two Egyptian kings. I. The first Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. He reigned from 1525 to 1499 B. C. He led the insurrection against the Hyksos in Lower Egypt, besieged and captured their great stronghold, Avaris, pursued them into Canaan, captured there a number of towns, and thus began that series of Egyptian wars in western Asia, in which his successors carried their arms even beyond the Euphrates.

II. The last ruler but one of the 26th dynasty, reigned from 569 to 526 B. C. He erected monuments in various parts of Egypt, and particularly adorned Sais. He was a good sovereign, and is mentioned especially by Herodotus as having had friendly intercourse with Solon, and with the celebrated Poly-crates of Samos. He encouraged Greeks to settle in Egypt, and maintained good relations with Cyrene and other Hellenic states. Under his son Psammenitus, who reigned only six months, Egypt was conquered by Cambyses.