Amatus Lusitanus (that is, the Portuguese), whose proper name was Joao Rodriguez de Castel Branco, a Jewish physician, born in Portugal in 1511, after the expulsion of all unconverted Jews from the country, died in 1568. He was ostensibly brought up as a Christian, studied at Salamanca, travelled in France, the Netherlands, and Italy, and dissected 12 human corpses in Ferrara, which was a great feat for a time when religious and popular prejudices ran so strong against the practical prosecution of anatomical science. Having settled in An-cona, he was persecuted as a Jew, and obliged to leave the town after the accession of Paul IV. in 1555. He fled from city to city to save himself from the inquisition. At last he obtained safe refuge at Salonica in Macedonia, where he passed the remainder of his days.