Amazons (Gr. a privative andAmazons 100245 breast), a race of warlike women, whose original seat is said to have been in the country adjoining the Caucasus. They were believed to be governed by a queen, and to propagate the species by cohabiting once every year with the Gargareans, a nation of men whose territory was separated from that of the Amazons by a chain of mountains. Their male children were either sent to the Gargareans or put to death. Their female children were deprived of the right breast, and trained by their Amazon mothers to war, hunting, riding, and agriculture. The favorite deities of the Amazons were Mars and the Taurian Diana. The Amazons were fabled to have made extensive conquests in the early ages, in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and to have founded several cities in Asia Minor and the islands adjoining it, such as Ephesus, Smyrna, Cyme, and Paphos. It is a question with ancient writers whether these extraordinary women ever existed.