Amite, a river rising in S. W. Mississippi, passes into Louisiana, and reaches Ascension parish by a southerly course; it then turns and flows S. E. and E. to Lake Maurepas. It is navigable by small steamboats for a distance of 60 miles.

Amite, a S. W, county of Mississippi, bordering on Louisiana, named from the Amite river, which flows through its centre, and bounded on the N. W. corner by the river Homochito; pop. in 1870, 10,973, of whom 6,777 were colored. The area was 700 sq. m., but a portion of its territory was taken in 1870 to form the new county of Lincoln. The county is mainly occopied by cotton fields and forests; its surface is somewhat uneven. The soil is fertile. The productions in 1870 were 254,784 bushels of corn, 53,702 of sweet potatoes, 11,233 lbs. of rice, and 17,456 bales of cotton. Capital, Liberty.