I. An ancient city of southern Thessaly, on the Spercheus, famous for producing the best hellebore, which was regarded by the ancients as a cure for madness.

II. A city of Phocis on the Corinthian gulf, also celebrated for the production of hellebore. The Anticyrseans are said to have been expelled from their city by Philip of Macedon after the close of the sacred war. It was taken in a subsequent age by the Roman general LAevinus, and given up by him to the Aetolians. It was occupied during the Macedonian war by the consul Flamininus, for the sake of its harbor, which afforded a secure retreat for the Roman fleet. The site of Anticyra is still discernible on the shore of the Corinthian gulf, and known as Aspra Spitia, or "the white houses."