Araxes (now Aras), a river in Armenia, rising about 25 m. from Erzerum, in lat. 41° 30' N., Ion. 41° 10' E., between the E. and W. branches of the Euphrates. It flows E., S. E., and N. E., and after a course of about 425 m. unites with the Kur about 75 m. from its mouth in the Caspian. It is notable for the impetuosity of its current. Virgil describes it as "disdaining a bridge," but it is now crossed by four stone bridges. There can be little doubt that the Aras is the river descended by Herodotus under the name of Araxes, although Rennell thinks the Jaxartes was meant; and it has been supposed also to be the Oxus, and even the Volga. By Araxes Xenophon probably intended the Chaboras, an affluent of the Euphrates. - The river now known as the Ben-damir was also called Araxes. It rises in central Persia, flows past the ruins of Perse-polis, and after a course of about 150 m. falls into the salt lake of Bakhtegan or Negris, in lat. 29° 30' N., lon. 52° 30' E.