Argenteus Codex, an old uncial MS. of the four gospels in the Mœso-Gothic dialect, written or stamped in silver letters (except the initials, which are in gold) on violet-colored vellum.

It is supposed to have been executed about the 6th century, and is a copy of the version made in the 4th by Ulfilas, the Arian bishop of the Moeso-Goths. This codex was discovered in the library of the Benedictine abbey of Wer-den in 1597, and after changing hands, either honestly or by stealth, several times, came at length into the possession of the library of Upsal for the consideration of about $1,250. Facsimile editions of some portions of it have been published by Knittel, and also by Angelo Mai (1819). Mai also discovered some palimpsests of this version in the Ambrosian library, which have been published. These more recent discoveries have aided to fill the chasms in the Argenteus Codex, and so to enhance its value to Biblical literature.