Edmond About, a French author, born at Dieuze, Meurthe, Feb. 14, 1828. He was educated at Paris, and in the French school at Athens. His literary talents had already become noted when in 1855 he published La Grece contemjwraine, which made him celebrated both at home and abroad. He next produced in the Revue des Dcux-Mondcs a novel entitled Tolla, which became the occasion of a controversv, in which he was accused of publishing private papers. After this he brought out novels and plays very rapidly, and contributed much to the press. His Roi des montagnes (1856) increased his reputation as a witty, pungent writer. Though not generally successful as a playwright, he made a hit by his play entitled Risette, ou les millions de la martsarde (afterward called Gaetana), in which sharp political and religious allusions abound. His most popular novels are Ger-maine (1857) and Madelon (1863). He has also published Rome contemporaine (1863), Le Progres (1864), L' Assurance (1866), L' A B C du travailleur (1868), and Le Fellah (1870). | As a contributor to the Gaulois newspaper (1867-"70) he criticised the ministers of Napo-leon III., while he paid court to the emperor himself, who made him an officer of the legion of honor in 1867, and in February, 1870, appointed him member of the council of state-. On the outbreak of the war in July, 1870, he accompanied MacMahon's army to Alsace, as correspondent of the Soir newspaper; but after the battle of Worth he barely escaped falling into the hands of the Germans. He continues (1872) his connection with the Soir. His marriage in 1864 with Mile, de Guillerville, of Roncherolles, near Rouen, made him affluent.