Ernst Friedrich Apelt, a German metaphysician, born at Reichenau, March 3, 1812, died in Jena, Oct. 27, 1859. He was a professor at Jena, and a disciple of Jacob Friedrich Fries, whose theories he supported in various works, especially in the 2d volume of his Epocnen der Geschichte der Menschheit (Jena, 1845). He edited Fries's posthumous Politik, oder philosophische Staatslelire (1848), and wrote Theorie der Induction (Leipsic, 1854), Me-taphysik (1857), and Die Reformation der Sternhunde und ReligionsphilosopMe (1860). His philosophical method has been described as combining the theories of Kant with the ideas of Jacobi, and is fully explained in Kuno Fischer's Die beiden Kant'schen Schulen in Jena (Stuttgart, 1862).