Friedrieli August Albert, crown prince of Saxony, a German general, son of the reigning king John, born in Dresden, April 23, 1828. As the people over whom he is destined to rule are Protestants, while the royal family are Roman Catholics, a Protestant tutor was selected for him in the person of the Saxon historian Dr. von Langenn. In 1848-'9 he took part in the Schleswig-Holstein war. In 1854, after the accession of his father to the throne, he was called upon to preside over the council of state, having previously been a member of the upper chamber. \n 18G6 he commanded the Saxon army in cooperation with Benedck's Austrian forces against Prussia, and received a decoration for the excellent behavior of his troops. When Saxony was obliged to join the North German confederation and to place the armed forces under the control of Prussia, they were designated as the 12th corps of the North German army under command of Prince Albert, who highly distinguished himself at the battles of Gravelotte (Aug. 18, 1870) and Sedan (Sept. 1). He was rewarded with the Prussian iron cross, and with the rank of North German commander-in-chief over the newly formed 4th army, composed of Prussians and Saxons, at the head of which, after valuable services at the siege, he made his entry into Paris with the emperor and the other princes of Germany. He married in 1853 a princess of the Vasa family.