George D Amboise, a French statesman and cardinal, born at Chaumont-sur-Loire in 1460, died in Lyons, May 25, 1510. As a younger son he was destined for the church, and was titular bishop of Montauban at the age of 14, and later archbishop of Rouen. During the lifetime of Charles VIII. he belonged to the party of the duke of Orleans; and when the latter ascended the French throne as Louis XII. in 1498, Amboise at once became prime minister. He prevailed on the court of Rome to annul the marriage of Louis XII. with Jeanne de France, and received from Alexander VI. the cardinal's hat. He accompanied Louis XII. into Italy, and arranged the affairs of Milan after its conquest by the French troops. At the death of Alexander VI. he aspired to be pope, but the Italian cardinals passed him over, and elected first Pius III. and afterward Julius II., in spite of his lively antagonism, which threatened a schism. He left a large fortune.