Johann Amerbauch, a German printer, born in Swabia, died about 1520. He was educated in Paris, and established his press at Basel in 1481, publishing the works of St. Armbrose (1402). and the first collected edition of the writings of St. Augustine (1506), from which the name of St. Augustine type was given to a variety of large letter used in the book. He proposed to publish the works of Jerome also, and to this end had his three sons thoroughly educated in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. The edition was, some years after his death, issued by Froben. Amerbach was one of the first to substitute the Roman for Gothic and Italic letters. - His son Bonifaz (1495-1502), professor of civil law at Basel, was one of the most intimate friends of Erasmus and his general legatee. He was distinguished as a Latin and Greek scholar and writer.