John Conch Adams, an English astronomer, born of humble parentage near Bodmin, June 5, 1819. He is a fellow of Pembroke college, Cambridge, England, and shares with Lever-rier the honor of having calculated the place of the planet Neptune before it had been recognized by sight. He early showed great powers, and in 1841, while in St. John's college, made his first computation of Neptune's place. In 1844 - '6 he renewed his calculations, and communicated the results to Professors Challis and Airy; but he did not publish them, and therefore Leverrier, who soon after attained and published similar results, has reaped the larger share of glory. The calculations of both mathematicians were formed on the motions of the planet Uranus, which was drawn aside from its expected course by the attraction of Neptune. In 1858 Adams was appointed Lowndean professor of astronomy at Cambridge.