Joseph R Angell., an American writer on law, born in Providence, R. I., April 30, 1794, died in Boston, May 1, 1857. He graduated at Brown university in 1813, edited the "United States Law Intelligencer and Review" from 1828 to 1831, and was for several years reporter of the decisions of the supreme court of Rhode Island. He published treatises, between 1824 and 1854, on the "Common Law in relation to Water Courses," the "Right of Property in Tide Waters," the "Law of Private Corporations,'1 the "Limitation of Actions," the "Liabilities and Plights of Common Carriers," and the " Law of Fire and Life Insurance." At the time of his death he was employed in preparing a treatise on the "Law of Highways," which was completed by Thomas Durfee. Lord Brougham esteemed his work on the " Limitation of Actions" very highly.