Pierre Angnste Adet, a French chemist and politician, born at Nevers in 1763, died about 1832. He was sent by the directory in 1795 to the United States as minister plenipotentiary, and presented to congress a tricolor flag on behalf of the French nation. On Oct. 27, 1796, he delivered to the secretary of state the celebrated decree of the directory complaining that the American government, in its treaty with England, had violated its neutrality and broken the treaty of 1778, and authorizing French ships of war to treat neutral vessels in the same manner that they allowed themselves to be treated by the English. After the delivery of this note Adet announced that he should suspend his functions, and he accordingly returned to France, after issuing an inflammatory address to the people of the United States. He subsequently adhered to Napoleon, but his political career remained unimportant. He composed a new system of chemical signs, but it found no favor.