Edmond Fremy, a French chemist, born at Versailles in 1814. His father, a professor of chemistry, instructed him in that science, and he perfected his knowledge as assistant of T. J. Pelouze and of Gay-Lussac in various institutions; and he succeeded the former in 1843 in the chair of the museum of natural history, and the latter in 1850 at the polytechnic school, and became a member of the academy of sciences in 1857. He has made chemical discoveries and published many works. His joint productions with Pelouze include Abrege de chimie (1848; 6th ed., 1869), and Cours de chimie generate (1849), which subsequently appeared under the title of Traite de chimie generate, analytique, industrielle et agricole (3d revised and illustrated edition, 7 vols., 1862-'5).-His brother Arnould (born in 1809) is a well known journalist and prolific novelist.