The longest canal is the Imperial Canal of China; it is over 1,000 miles long. In the year 1681 was completed the greatest undertaking of the kind on the European Continent, the Canal Languedoc or the Canal du Midi, to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea; its length is about 148 miles; it has over 100 locks, and about 50 aqueducts, and its highest point is not less than 600 feet above the sea level; it is navigable for vessels of upward of 100 tons. The largest ship canal in Europe is the great North Holland Canal, completed in 1825; it is 125 feet wide at the water surface, and 31 feet wide on the bottom, and has a depth of 20 feet; it extends from Amsterdam to the Helder, in all 51 miles.

The Caledonia Canal in Scotland is 60 miles long, which includes three lakes. The Suez Canal is 88 miles long, of which 66 mile3 is actual canal. The Erie Canal is 350 V miles long and cost over $7,000,000. The Ohio Canal from Cleveland to Portsmouth is 332 miles long, and cost nearly $5,000,000. The Miami and Erie Canal is 291 miles long, and cost nearly $4,000,000. The Wabash and Erie Canal is 379 miles long.