Photos, Mansell & Co.

Stele of Victory of Naram sin, King of Agade. STELE OF VICTORY OF NARAM-SIN, KING OF AGADE. Louvre. Copper votive figure of Aradsin, King of Larsa. COPPER VOTIVE FIGURE OF ARADSIN, KING OF LARSA. Statue of Assur nazir pal, King of Assyria. STATUE OF ASSUR-NAZIR-PAL, KING OF ASSYRIA. Figure of Gudea, Patesi of Lagash. FIGURE OF GUDEA, PATESI OF LAGASH. Louvre. Boundary stone sculptured with Emblems of the Gods. BOUNDARY-STONE SCULPTURED WITH EMBLEMS OF THE GODS; REIGN OF NEBUCHADREZZAR I. Relief representing Assur bani pal spearing a Lion. RELIEF REPRESENTING ASSUR-BANI-PAL SPEARING A LION. Figure of a dying Lion. FIGURE OF A DYING LION, FROM THE LION-HUNT RELIEFS OF ASSUR-BANI-PAL. From stele engraved with Khammurabi Code of Laws. FROM STELE ENGRAVED WITH KHAMMURABI CODE OF LAWS. Colossal winged and human headed Lion. COLOSSAL WINGED and HUMAN-HEADED LION FROM THE PALACE OF ASSUR-NAZIR-PAL. Statue of the god Nebo. STATUE OF THE GOD NEBO: REIGN OF ADAD-NIRARI III.