1171. Rose Lip Salve

1171.    Rose Lip Salve. As the above, but using only 11/2 drachms balsam of Peru, and replacing the oil of cloves with a few drops of attar of roses, or sufficient to give the mixture a marked odor of roses. Some makers omit the balsam altogether. If uncol-ored, it forms white rose lip salve. (See No. 1135 (Pomade Rosat).

1172. White Lip Salve

1172.    White Lip Salve. Take 1/2 pound spermaceti ointment, liquify it by the heat of warm water, and stir in 1/2 drachm neroli or essence de petit-grain as before.

1173. Glycerine Lip Salve

1173.    Glycerine Lip Salve. This is prepared by adding 1/6 to 1/8 part of glycerine to any one of the above whilst in the melted state, and stirring the mixture assiduously until it begins to cool.

1174. French Lip Salve

1174.    French Lip Salve. Mix together 16 ounces lard, 2 ounces white wax, nitre and alum in fine powder, of each, 1/2 ounce; alkanet to color.

1175. German Lip Salve

1175.    German Lip Salve. Butter of cacao, 1/2 ounce; oil of almonds, 1/4 ounce; melt together with a gentle heat, and add 6 drops essence of lemon.

1176. Gants Cosmétiques

1176.    Gants Cosmétiques. These are white kid gloves, which have been turned inside out, and brushed over with a melted compound of wax, oil, lard, balsam, etc.. The Peruvian lip salve (see No. 1170 (Peruvian, or Red Lip Salve)) without the alkanet, may answer the purpose. An excellent method for softening the hands.