5333. Cephalic Snuff

5333.    Cephalic Snuff. Dried asarabacca leaves, 3 parts; marjoram, 1 part; lavender flowers, 1 part; rub together to a powder.

5334. Boeli's Cephalic Snuff

5334.    Boeli's Cephalic Snuff consists of 2 drachms valerian, 2 drachms snuff, 3 drops oil of lavender, 3 drops oil of marjoram; mix. This is said to relieve the eyes as well as the head.

5335. Radway's Ready Relief

5335.     Radway's Ready Relief, according to Peckolt, is an ethereal tincture of capsicum, with alcohol and camphor.

5336. Radway's Renovating Resolvent

5336.    Radway's Renovating Resolvent. A vinous tincture of ginger and cardamom, sweetened with sugar. (Hager and Jacobsen.)

5337. Swedish Essence of Life

5337.      Swedish Essence of Life is made in this country, under various names. As usually made by apothecaries, it is a tincture prepared from 4 parts aloes, 1 each of agaric, rhubarb, zedoary, gentian, myrrh, and theriac, with 100 to 120 parts dilute alcohol. The medicine manufacturers usually substitute cheaper articles for the high-priced saffron and rhubarb. (See No. 5365 (Baume de Vie).)

5338. Walker's Jesuits' Drops

5338.    Walker's Jesuits' Drops. Balsam of copaiba, 6 ounces; gum guaiacum, 1 ounce; Chio turpentine, 1/2 ounce; subcarbonate of potash, 1/2 ounce; cochineal, 1 drachm; rectified spirit, 1 quart.

5339. Molinari's Remedy for Sea-Sickness

5339.     Molinari's Remedy for Sea-Sickness. Digest for 12 hours in 13/4 Imperial pints of wine vinegar, 1/2 ounce each or rue, thyme, mint, rosemary, absinthe, turmeric, and green walnut rind; 1/6 ounce annatto; 1/3 ounce pearlash; and 1 poppy-head. After digestion boil for half an hour; then strain through linen; in this decoction are moistened or dipped some 4 or 5 strips of filtering paper 7 or 8 inches long, and then dried; upon one side of these strips some light stuff is fastened by the corners and some loose wadding placed inside. Strings are next fastened to the bandage and it is then tied around the body so as to cover the region of the heart. This preventive of sea-sickness has been patented in England.

5340. Redwood's Nervine Balsam

5340.     Redwood's Nervine Balsam. Melt together 4 ounces oil of mace and 4 ounces beef marrow. Dissolve in 4 drachms alcohol, 2 drachms each oil of rosemary and balsam of tolu, and 1 drachm each of camphor and oil of cloves. Mix all together. A good liniment in rheumatism.

5341. Chaussier's Obstetric Ointment

5341.   Chaussier's Obstetric Ointment. Extract belladonna, 2 • drachms; water and lard, each 2 drachms. Mix well.

5342. Dutch Drops, or Haerlem Drops

5342. Dutch Drops, or Haerlem Drops. There is considerable difference in the ingredients and quality of these long-celebrated drops; but the most common preparation, perhaps, is made according to the following formula: Take balsam of turpentine, 2 ounces; oil of turpentine, 10 ounces. Mix. The following is also one of the imitations of it made in this country:, Linseed oil, 1 quart; resin, 2 pounds; sulphur, 1 pound; boil together over a slow fire; when combined remove from the fire, and add 1 pint oil of turpentine, and 50 drops liquor of ammonia; stir well together and bottle. The genuine drops are the residuum of the rectification of oil of turpentine. Dutch drops are of course stimulant and diuretic in their therapeutical effects; but they have been regarded by the common people as possessed of many other virtues, and have been much applied to wounds and other external injuries of the surface.