5343. Russia Salve

5343.    Russia Salve. Take equal parts of yellow wax and sweet oil, melt slowly, carefully stirring; when cooling, stir in a small quantity of glycerine. Good for all kinds of wounds, etc..

5344. James' Oil of Gladness

5344.    James' Oil of Gladness. Take oil of hemlock, 1 ounce; linseed oil, 1 quart.

5345. Green Mountain Salve

5345.    Green Mountain Salve. Take 2 pounds resin, 1/4 pound Burgundy pitch, 1/4 pound bees'-wax, 1/4 pound mutton tallow; melt them slowly. When not too warm, add 1 ounce oil hemlock, 1 ounce balsam fir, 1 ounce oil origanum, 1 ounce oil of red cedar,

1  ounce Venice turpentine, 1 ounce oil wormwood, 1/2 ounce verdigris. The verdigris must be very finely pulverized and mixed with the oils, then add as above and work all in cold water until cold enough to roll. This salve has no equal for rheumatic pains or weakness in the side, back, shoulders, or any place where pain may locate itself. "Where the skin is broken, as in ulcers, bruises, etc., use without the verdigris.

5346. Keating's Cough Lozenges

5346. Keating's Cough Lozenges. These are said to be composed of lactucarium,

2  drachms; ipecacuanha, 1 drachm; squills, 3/4 drachm; extract of liquorice, 2 drachms; sugar, 6 ounces. Made into a mass with mucilage of tragacanth, and divided into 20-grain lozenges.

5347. Milburn's Mixture

5347.    Milburn's Mixture. Precipitated prepared chalk, loaf sugar, and gum-arabic, of each 2 drachms; green mint water, 41/2 ounces; laudanum, 10 minims; spirits of lavender, 2 drachms; simple syrup, 11/2 ounces ; tincture of kino, 1 ounce. Mix. Useful in loose bowels in children, and can be given to them after each evacuation, regardless of number. Dose, from 1/2 to 1 table-spoonful. Shake the mixture well each time before using it.

5348. Ricord's Aromatic "Wine

5348.    Ricord's Aromatic "Wine. Take rue, sage, hyssop, lavender, absinth, rose-leaves, thyme, and elder flowers, of each 4 ounces. Digest for 2 weeks in 9 pints claret. Then add tannic acid, alum, wine of opium, of each 9 ounces.

5349. Beyran's Wash

5349.    Beyran's Wash. Dissolve chloride of zinc in 100 times its weight of pure water. This solution is used as a wash for chancres, and spontaneously or artificially opened buboes that. are extending both in size and depth, and show no signs of cicatrization. It is applied twice a day by means of lint moistened with it. As soon as the vitality of the parts becomes favorably modified, Dr. Beyran replaces this wash by Ricord's wine of cinchona or aromatic wine. (See No. 5348 (Ricord's Aromatic "Wine).)

5350. Charta Epispastica

5350.      Charta Epispastica. White wax, 4 parts; spermaceti, 11/2 parts; olive oil, 2 parts; resin, 3/4 parts; Canada balsam, 1/4 part; cantharides in powder, 1 part; distilled water, 6 parts. Digest all the ingredients excepting the Canada balsam in a water-bath for 2 hours, stirring them constantly; then strain, and separate the plaster from the watery liquid. Mix the Canada balsam with the plaster melted in a shallow vessel, and pass slips of paper over the surface of the hot liquid, so that one surface of the paper shall receive a thin coating of plaster.