5359. Garrot's Covering for Pills

5359.     Garrot's Covering for Pills. Soak 1 ounce purified gelatine in 2 or 3 drachms water; keep it liquefied in a saltwater bath. The pills are stuck on long pins, and dipped in the solution; when cold the pins are withdrawn, after being heated by a small flame, which melts the gelatine and closes the hole.

5360. Bochet's Syrup

5360.     Bochet's Syrup. Compound syrup of sarsaparilla, with senna, and 1 percent, of iodide of potassium. Used for scrofulous affections.

5361. Betton's British Oil

5361.     Betton's British Oil. Oil of turpentine, 8 ounces; Barbadoes tar, 4 ounces ; oil of rosemary, 4 drachms; mix.

5362. British Oil, or Oil of Stone

5362.    British Oil, or Oil of Stone. Take oils of turpentine and linseed, each 8 ounces; oils of amber and juniper, each 4 ounces. Barbadoes tar, 3 ounces; seneca (petroleum) oil, 1 ounce. Mix. This is an excellent application to cuts and bruises, swellings and sores of almost any description whatever.

5363. Cochrane's Cough Medicine

5363.    Cochrane's Cough Medicine. This consists of an acidulated syrup of poppies.

5364. Godfrey's Cordial

5364.      Godfrey's Cordial. The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, to prevent the mischief arising from the different strength of this compound, directs it to be prepared as follows: Dissolve 21/2 ounces carbonate of potash in 26 pints of water, add 16 pints mo-lasses; heat together over a gentle fire till they simmer, remove the scum, and, when sufficiently cool, add 1/2 ounce oil of sassafras dissolved in 2 pints of rectified spirit, and 24 fluid ounces of tincture of opium, previously mixed. It contains about 16 minims of laudanum, or rather more than 1 grain of opium in each fluid ounce.

5365. Baume de Vie

5365.    Baume de Vie. Socotrine aloes, 2 drachms; rhubarb, 6 drachms; saffron, 2 drachms; liquorice root, 1 ounce; proof spirit, 8 ounces. Digest for 8 days and filter. The original Swedish form is this: Aloes, 9 drachms; rhubarb, gentian, zedoary, saffron, theriaca, agaric, of each 1 drachm; proof spirit, 2 pints. (See No. 5337 (Swedish Essence of Life).)

5366. Jozeau's Copahine-mege

5366.    Jozeau's Copahine-mege. The intention of M. Jozeau in devising this form of copaiba was to furnish an article that the stomach would be more able to digest than the crude article. To this end he proposed to himself to oxidize the copaiba, which he accomplishes by mixing nitric acid with it. The essential oil is acted on, and hyponitrous acid gas escapes into the atmosphere. The copai-ba thus treated is then washed with water, until it no longer reddens litmus paper, and one-tenth part of cubebs in fine powder are added to it, the same proportion of carbonate of soda, and one-sixteenth part of calcined magnesia. The mixture is allowed to stand until it is quite solidified, and in that state it is made into small masses, which are then carefully covered with sugar.