1094. Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia

1094.    Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia. Take of carbonate of ammonia, 8 ounces avoirdupois; strong liquor of ammonia (.882) 4 Imperial fluid ounces; volatile oil of nutmeg, 4 fluid drachms; oil of lemon, 6 fluid drachms; rectified spirit, 6 pints; water, 3 pints; mix, and distill 7 pints. Specific gravity .870. This is now the only authorized formula. The product is excellent, and very agreeable in use. (Br. Ph.)

1095. Ammoniated Perfumes

1095.    Ammoniated Perfumes. These are prepared by either adding strong liquor of ammonia to the liquid perfumes (eaux, esprits, etc..,) in sufficient quantity to impart to them a pungent ammoniacal odor, or by adding to the articles, before distillation, the ingredients that, by their mutual reaction, produce ammonia. In the former case, 1/2 to l1/2 fluid ounces of liquor of ammonia (.880-.882), per pint, will be required, according to the nature of the preparation and the degree of pungency desired; and in general, when much essential oil is present, a spirit of higher strength than usual should be employed for the esprit, to compensate for its subsequent dilution by the ammonia. In the other case, 4 to 5 drachms of sal ammoniac, and 7 to 8 drachms of carbonate of potash for each pint of the product intended to be drawn over, are mixed with the cold ingredients just before distillation. For this use the liquor of ammonia must be perfectly free from tarry or empyreumatic matter, and have a purely ammoniacal odor.

1096. Ammoniated Eau de Cologne; Ammoniacal Cologne Water

1096.    Ammoniated Eau de Cologne; Ammoniacal Cologne Water. As a perfume, this is best prepared by either of the methods noticed under ammoniated perfumes. It is now very extensively employed as a substitute for spirit of sal volatile. "When intended for use in this way, a more agreeable and effective article may be produced by adding 1 ounce of carbonate (sesquicarbonate) of ammonia, and 1/2 fluid ounce of the strong liquor of ammonia to each pint of the product, or intended product, which will then have about the strength of the officinal spirit of sal volatile (spiritus ammonise aromaticus) of the British Ph. That of the stores has usually only little more than half this strength.

1097. Eau de Lavande Ammonia-cale

1097.     Eau de Lavande Ammonia-cale. To each Imperial pint of eau de lavande (see No. 989 (Fine Lavender Water; or Eau de Lavande)), add of liquor of ammonia (.880-.882), 1/2 to 1 fluid ounce.

1098. Ammoniacal Lavender Water

1098.    Ammoniacal Lavender Water. Take of oil of lavender (English) 1 fluid ounce; spirit of ammonia (caustic) 11/2 pints; mix. The product is the officinal preparation of the French. Used as a stimulating pungent scent, in fainting, headaches, etc..