353. To Remove Grease Spots from Silk

353.    To Remove Grease Spots from Silk. Grease spots may be taken from silks in the following manner: Upon a wooden table lay a piece of woolen cloth or baize, upon which lay smoothly the part stained, with the right side downwards. Having spread a piece of brown paper on the top, apply a flat-iron just hot enough to scorch the paper. About five or eight seconds is usually sufficient. Repeat until the spot is extracted. Then rub briskly with a piece of writing paper. (See last receipt.)

354. French Scouring Drops for Removing Grease

354.    French Scouring Drops for Removing Grease. Camphene, 8 ounces; pure alcohol, 1 ounce sulphuric ether, 1 ounce; essence of lemon, 1 drachm; or, spirits of wine, 1 pint; white soap, 3 ounces; ox gall, 3 ounces; essence of lemon, 1/4 ounce.

355. To Remove Grease from Velvet

355.    To Remove Grease from Velvet. Grease may be taken out of velvet by a little turpentine, poured over the spot; then rub briskly with a piece of clean dry flannel. Repeat the application, if necessary, and hang the article in the air, to remove the smell. (See No. 351 (To Remove Grease from Silk or Velvet).)

356. Simple Method of Removing Grease Spots from Silk

356.      Simple Method of Removing Grease Spots from Silk. Take a visiting or other card; separate it, and rub the spot with the soft internal part, and it will disappear without taking the gloss off the silk. This is a simple and valuable receipt. Bo careful and rub the silk on the wrong side, as the card sometimes will soil delicate colored silks, but if the above precaution is taken, the spot cannot be seen on the right side of the silk.

357. To Remove Oil from Carpets

357.    To Remove Oil from Carpets. To take oil out of a carpet, as soon as it is spilled put on plenty of wheat flour or whiting, to absorb the oil and keep it from spread ing. If the oil is near a seam, rip it, so that the spot will not spread, and put whiting on the floor under the carpet. Next day sweep up all the flour above and under the carpet with a stiff brush, and put on plenty of fresh flour. To take out grease spots, rub them with white flannel dipped in raw spirits of turpentine. If they show after a while, rub again on both sides. If there are grease spots on the floor, remove them with potter's clay before the carpet is laid down.

358. To take Grease Spots out of Carpets

358.    To take Grease Spots out of Carpets. Mix a little soap into a gallon of warm soft water, then add 1/2 ounce of borax; wash the part well with a clean cloth, and the grease or dirty spot will soon disappear.

359. To Remove Oil Stains from Leather and Paper

359.    To Remove Oil Stains from Leather and Paper. Oil stains may be removed from leather, paper, Ac, by applying pipe-clay, powdered and mixed with water to the thickness of cream; leave it on for four hours. This will not injure the best colors.