Gamboge. Is a concrete vegetable juice, of a gummy nature. It is chiefly brought to us in large cakes or rolls, from Gamboja in the East Indies. The best sort is of a deep yellow or orange colour, breaks shining and free from dross : it has no smell, and very little taste, unless kept in the mouth for some time, when it impresses a slight sense of acrimony. It immediately communicates to spirits of wine a bright golden colour, and entirely dissolves in it or in water. It makes a beautiful yellow, and is much used by painters. Dr Lewis says, that it leaves a beautiful and durable citron yellow stain upon marble, when rubbed in substance upon the hot stone. With lime water it yields a blood red colour. As a medicine, gamboge evacuates powerfully, both upwards and downwards. Geoffroy says he has given from four to eight grains, Without violence, He recommends it to be taken with an equal quantity of vegetable alkali for the tape-worm.