Rose Of Wood Shavings (To Make A). Cut out 14 petals same as

How To Make A Rose Of Wood Shavings 536

No. 3, and 18 of No. 2, then 20 of the larger size. Cut them on the length of the shaving, and curl them slightly at the edge with the scissors; then form a loop of wire as at No. 6, and having twisted a strip of sharing round it, commence to the on the petals with some strong thread. Tie on the 14 small ones; then the next size, and so on till the flower is complete. Cut the rose leaves on the length, and vein them with the scissors, holding the points a little apart, so as to give the vein a raised look. Gum them on the wire stalk, which form same as design No. 7. Be careful to bind the spray neatly to the main branch with a slight strip of the shaving, and fasten off by a little gum at the end.

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