1005. Compound Soda

Mix one drachm of calomel, five drachms of ses-qui-carbonate of soda, and ten drachms of compound chalk powder together. Dose, five grains. Use, as a mild purgative for children during teething.

1006. Tonic

Mix one drachm of powdered rhubarb with the same quantity of dried carbonate of soda, then add two drachms of powdered Calum-ba root. Dose, from ten to twenty grains as a tonic after fevers, in all cases of debility, and dyspepsia attended with acidity.

1007. Rhubarb And Magnesia

Mix one drachm of powdered rhubarb with two drachms of carbonate of magnesia, and half a drachm of ginger. Dose, from fifteen grains to one drachm. Use, as a purgative for children.

1008. Sulphur And Potash

Mix onc drachm of sulphur with four scruples of bicarbonate of potash, and two scruples of nitre Dose, from half a drachm to one drachm. Use, as a purgative, diuretic, and refrigerant.

1009. Anti-Diarrheal

Mix one grain of powdered ipecacuanha, and one grain of powdered opium, with the same quantity of camphor. Dose, one of these powders to be given in jam, treacle, etc, five or six times a day if necessary.

1010. Anti-Spasmodic

Mix four grains of subnitrate of bismuth, forty-eight grains of carbonate of magnesia, and the same quantity of white sugar, and then divide in four equal parts. Dose, one-fourth part. Use, in obstinate pain in the stomach with cramps, unattended by inflammation.

1011. Anti-Pertussal, Or Against Hooping Cough

Mix one drachm of powdered belladonna-root, and five drachms of white sugar, together. Dose, six grains morning and evening for children under one year; twelve grains for those under two and three years of age; twenty-four grains for those between five and ten: and forty-eight grains for adults. Caution, this should be prepared by a chemist, as the belladonna is a poison, and occasional doses of castor-oil should be given while it is being: taken.

1012. Purgative (Common)

Mix ten grains of calomel, with one drachm of powdered jalap, and twenty grains of sugar. Dose, fifty grains for adults.

1013. Sudorific

Mix six grains of compound antimonial powder, and two grains of sugar, together. Dose, as mixed, to be taken at bed-time. Use, in catarrh and fever.