1015. Jethereal Tincture Of Male Fern

Digest one ounce male fern buds in eight ounces of sulphuric aether, then strain. Dose, thirty drops early in the morning. Use, to kill tape-worm.

1016. Emulsion, Laxative - - Rub down an ounce of castor oil in two drachms of mucilage of gum arabic, threo ounces of dill water, and add a drachm of tincture of jalap, gradually. Dose.

as prepared thus, to be taken while tasting in the morning.

1017. Emulsion, Purgative

Rub down six grains of scammony with six drachms of white sugar in a mortar, and gradually add four ounces of almond emulsion, and two drops of oil of cloves. Dose, as prepared, early in the morning.

1018. To Prevent Pitting After Small-Pox

Spread a sheet of thin leather with the ointment of ammoniacum with mercury, and cut out a place for the mouth, eyes, and nostrils. This forms what is called a mask, and after anointing the eye-lids with a little blue ointment (unguentum hydrargyri), it should be applied to the face, and allowed to remain for three days for the distinct kind, and four days for the running variety. Period to apply it: -Before the spots fill with matter, although it will answer sometimes even after they have become pustulous. It may be applied to any part in the same way.

1019. Mucilage of Gum Arabic -Bub one ounce of gum arabic in a mortar, with four ounces of warm water. Use, for coughs, etc.

1020. Mucilage Of Starch

Rub one drachm of starch with a little water, and gradually add five ounces of water, then boil until it forms a mucilage. Use, for enemas, topical application and demulcent.